My name is May K and I am a 20 year old who feels the need to share her thoughts on books with the people of the internet because she has no book friends in real life.

I started reviewing books on Instagram as a way of procrastinating on my A level studies but it turned out to be more fun and fulfilling than I imagined so I decided to continue doing it.

This blog is my escape from reality so I REFUSE to read non-fiction. Romance is my first pick but I’m really into mysteries right now.

I love talking about books so feel free to start conversations with me.

I rate books based on my enjoyment of the book not the content. Here is how I rate books:
5 stars- LOVED IT/ the book was very addictive
4 stars- Loved it but it wasn’t perfect/ the book was addictive
3 stars- Liked it well enough
2 stars- Did not like the book much/ had a few major issues with it
1 stars- Did not like the book at all/ had a lot of major issues with it

About my realistic scale
It is a 5 point scale with 1 being least realistic and 5 being most realistic.
0 is for when the sub genre is dystopian, mafia, fantasy, paranormal romance.
1 is for things like actor/rockstar romances (but there are always exceptions) or spy or for anything involving hypnosis/miraculous recovery.
I have never given any book a 5 yet, I will update this when I do.
But what is realistic to me might be too far fetched for some people and vice versa.
This scale is subjective.

If any author wants to contact me, please do it by email and not Instagram DM or comments on posts. Because of the rise of the bots, I can not be sure if it’s the author trying to contact me or some bot spamming everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience. My email address: headsoverbooks@gmail.com

**Currently not taking review requests**

If you like my reviews and want to support my blog, please use my “BUY HERE” links. I would make a tiny bit of money off it with no additional costs to you. This would allow me to buy and review more books.

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