Rating: 4 out of 5.

What it is about
Violet and James are having marriage troubles. Violet pretends to be sick, and ropes her friends into the scam, to prank James.

POV- third person 

HEA/HFN- yes

Funny parts- yes

Sad parts- some 

Love triangle- no

Insta-love- yes

Cheating- no

Super insecure character- no

Trigger warning- none

Realistic scale- 2/5

Pick this up if
You want a cute and funny romance. You like books about couples who are already together. You like it when characters prank each other. You like the love to hate to love books. 

Don’t pick this up if
You hate it when characters refuse to communicate. You hate miscommunication used as a plot device. You hate it when characters act immaturely. 

Pages- 367

Audiobook- 10h 46m
Narrators- Anais Inara Chase, Joel Froomkin 


I get asked how I read so many books. This is how I do it:
Kindle Unlimited (definitely worth it for romance readers)
Audible (2 free audiobooks for your first month); I have the Audible Premium Plus with 2 credits a month
Prime membership allows me to get new books at my doorstep fast (get the first month free). I have Prime Student which comes with a 6 month free trial.
I also had Audible Escape but it got cancelled 😦
But Audible Plus is supposed to have a lot of books across all genres

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Audible gift membership
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