Rating: 4 out of 5.

shockingly addictive

What it is about
Marcus hires a matchmaker to set him up with a woman but there is a mix up and he assumes Emma is her date. After a few minutes and a fight later, they realise their mistake. But it was enough to get Marcus addicted to Emma. 

POV- dual first person 

HEA/HFN- no, major cliffhanger 

Funny parts- some

Sad parts- some

Love triangle- no

Insta-love- yes

Cheating- no 

Super insecure character- yes 

Trigger warning- none

Realistic scale- 1/5

Pick this up if
You want a short, additive romance with an alpha-hole. You like it when characters have adorable cats. You want something light and fun. You want a tall hero and a vertically challenged heroine. 

Don’t pick this up if
You don’t like cliffhangers. You don’t like insanely domineering heroes. You hate it when one of the characters break up with the other preemptively. 

Pages- 362

Audiobook- 7h 8m 
Narrators- Ava Erickson and Sebastian York

The Wall Street Titan
Titan’s Addiction

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