Rating: 5 out of 5.

What it is about
Ivy is a very lazy witch who works as a taxi driver after being fired from the Order. She accidents gets magically handcuffed to Winter who is a proactive member of the Order. Now they have to solve a crime together and figure out everything wrong with the order. 

POV- Ivy’s first person

Happy ending- yes

Funny parts- a lot

Sad parts- not really 

Realistic scale- 0/5 (it’s an urban fantasy)

Trigger warning- none

Pick this up if
You want a funny, cute urban fantasy with a detective element. You like a grumpy, ambitious hero. You like banter. You’re a couch potato and like to read about other lazy heroines. You like a talking animal. You want a heroine who is smart but isn’t motivated at all. 

Don’t pick this up if
You’re looking for something with a lot of world building (it’s this world with the tiniest bit of magic). You don’t to read about a heroine who doesn’t really care about anything. You don’t like it when characters are good at everything without trying. 

Can be read as a standalone

Pages- 342

Audiobook- 8h 9m
Narrators- Tanya Eby

Buy the books in the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic Series
Slouch Witch
Star Witch
Spirit Witch
Sparkle Witch

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