Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What’s it about
Maximoff’s bodyguard retires and he discovers his new bodyguard is Farrow. Maximoff has had a crush on Farrow for a long time but he doesn’t like him much. 

POV- dual first person

HEA/HFN- it’s the first of three books

Funny parts- some 

Sad parts- not really 

Love triangle- no

Insta-love- no

Cheating- no  

Super insecure character- Maximoff is insecure about his image in the media

Trigger warning- no

This book was more character driven than plot driven. If you like the characters (there are a lot) you’ll love it but if you don’t, you’ll hate it. Also it’s very close related to the Calloway Sisters series and those characters are constantly mentioned, if you read and liked them you’ll like this too, and if you haven’t read them, if don’t recommend starting with this. 

Pick this up if
You don’t mind a huge cast of characters. You read and liked the Calloway Sister series. Want a good M/M romance. You like a character driven story. You like the bodyguard trope. 

Don’t pick this up if
You don’t want to read three books about the same couple. You don’t like it when books don’t have enough of a plot. 

Pages- 378

Audiobook- 10h 27m
Narrators- Alexander Cendese and J. F. Harding

Calloway Sisters
Addicted to You (Lily and Loren)
Ricochet (Lily and Loren)
Addicted for Now (Lily and Loren)
Kiss the Sky (Rose and Connor)
Hothouse Flower (Daisy and Ryke)
Thrive (Lily and Loren)
Addicted After All (Lily and Loren)
Fuel the Fire (Rose and Connor)
Long Way Down (Daisy and Ryke)
Some Kind of Perfect (epilogue novel with all six POVs)
Addicted Sister box set

Like Us
Damaged Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
Lovers Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
Alphas Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
Tangled Like Us (Jane and Thatcher)
Sinful Like Us (Jane and Thatcher)
Headstrong Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
Charming Like Us (Oscar and Jack)
Wild Like Us (Sullivan, Akara, and Banks)
Fearless Like Us (Sullivan, Akara, and Banks)
Infamous Like Us (Luna and Donnelly)
Misfits Like Us (Luna and Donnelly)
Unlucky Like Us (Luna and Donnelly)

I get asked how I read so many books. This is how I do it:
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Audible (2 free audiobooks for your first month)
Prime membership allows me to get knew books at my doorstep fast (get the first month free). I have Prime Student which comes with a 6 month free trial.
I also had Audible Escape but it got cancelled 😦

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