Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

*man child alert*

What it is about
Trevor is a terrible neighbour but Zoe never complains because he is her landlord’s nephew. The day Zoe is fired, Trevor uses up Zoe’s laundry detergent and eats Zoe’s food and fat shames her. But then Trevor offers Zoe a job where she would do all his chores and also a position as a personal assistant in his uncle’s company. 

POV- third person from Zoe and Trevor 

HEA/HFN- yes 

Funny parts- sure but not my kind of humour

Sad parts- some

Love triangle- no

Insta-love- no 

Cheating- no

Super insecure character- omg yes! She starves herself until she passes out

Trigger warning- body shaming, orthorexia

Realistic scale- 1/5

Pick this up if
You want a light funny book. You enjoy characters doing immature and ridiculous things. You like a friends to lovers romance. You don’t mind a hero who is incapable of doing things all adults need to do like clean and make his bed. You like characters with tragic pasts. You like the friends with benefits leads to more thing. 

Don’t pick this up if
You don’t like immature, misogynistic heroes. You don’t like unrealistic books. You don’t like the “not like other girls” trope (the writer wrote all the other females as vapid, shallow girls who was pinning for Trevor’s attention). You hate it when the hero criticises the heroine’s body and refuses to talk to her in public because she isn’t that pretty and doesn’t defend her when her coworkers talk shit about her. 

One thing that really annoyed me about this book was that Trevor still expected Zoe to do all the household chores after they got married. There was this scene where Zoe was like “you can’t marry me, I can’t cook” and Trevor was like “you can take a  cooking class” not “it’s okay we can share the chores” or “we can hire someone to cook for us now that I don’t have to pay you to clean for me”. 

This book was highly recommended and I think it’s because people has nostalgia  attached to the series (it came out in 2011) and they liked it then and they hold it up to high regards now. 

I used to not write reviews for books that were less than 3 stars for me but I think I should start doing because I owe it to the people likes and trusts my reviews. 

Pages- 247

Audiobook- 9h 52m
Narrators- Fran Jules 


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