What’s it about- Leo plays for the Mavericks and they are having to take a drug test. Gemma is the new temp who is going to collect the player’s pee. There was a mishap and Leo’s pee end up on Gemma and the next day she gets fired. Leo really liked Gemma and to find her he starts a tread on Reddit but he meets her some other way (don’t want to spoil it). 

POV- dual first person 

HEA/HFN- yes

Funny parts- A LOT

Sad parts- not really

Love triangle- no

Insta-love- no

Cheating- no

Super insecure character- no

Trigger warning- none 

Realistic scale- 2/5 

Pick this up if- you want a laugh out loud story with lovable main characters and side characters. You want a nice guy who actually expresses their feels and isn’t cocky just because he is a NFL player. You want a short, cute, easy read. 

Don’t pick this up if- you feel secondhand embarrassment really hard. This book is also about Gemma finding herself and she does do some stupid thing in order to do that so if you don’t like that, maybe skip it. 

All the books in this series is available on Scribd


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