cover of beard science by penny reid


What’s it about
Cletus is the town weirdo and people treat him like he is stupid. Jennifer is a baker and her overprotective parents make her dress like a 1950s housewife and the people of the town treat her like a simpleton. When Jennifer was at the sheriff’s she accidentally records Cletus stealing evidence and she uses the video to blackmail Cletus into finding her a husband so she can leave her house. 

POV- dual first person 

HEA/HFN- yes

Funny parts- yes

Sad parts- not really 

Love triangle- no

Insta-love- no

Cheating- no

Super insecure character- yes

Trigger warning- none

Realistic scale- 2/5

Pick this up if
You want a cute, funny book which is kind of a slow burn. You like Penny Reid’s humour. You like heroes who are kind of cavemen. You like sub-plots with your romance. You like smart characters in your books. You like stories where one of the main characters tries to change to their lives and break free of everything holding them back.

Don’t pick this up if
You don’t like over the top humour. You do not like weak heroines (keep in mind she is going through an arc. She becomes capable and independent by the end of the book).

This is the third book in the series but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Books in the series
Truth or Beard
Grin and Beard it
Beard Science
Beard in Mind
Dr. Strange Beard

Truth or Beard
Grin and Beard It
Beard Science
Beard in Mind
Dr. Strange Beard
Beard with Me
Beard Necessities

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